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Philip Wagner


What do I do

Project Management

Project management is not simply spreadsheets and timelines. It’s about understanding what your sponsor wants and developing a strategy to get there. You need to understand the motives that drive the solution and the environment you need to deal in to deliver. Phil has been a project manager for many years and understands how to build the relationships required to achieve success.

Project Governance

Project governance is not about policing a project. It is about ensuring risk is managed, resources are appropriate and all actions are reasonable. It is about creating a reference for future where the reasons for following a course of action are understood. Phil understands the governance landscape and what it takes to deliver and be compliant.

Public Speaking Skills

Speaking in public is no longer an optional skill, it is now a required skill. The ability to formulate a thought in a manner to be understood by a large or small audience is not an artform for the talented few, but an ability anyone can develop. Phil is an accomplished speaker and trainer who can take you from a novice to a proficient speaker. Whether it be for a special occasion, work or simply to improve your skills.


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